NPower reduces energy and transforms behaviour with ISO 50001

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British gas and electricity supplier npower has cited its compliance with ISO 50001 as being the driving factor behind its reduced energy and carbon and usage, and the change in behaviour among its staff, reports.
As part of its energy reduction efforts, npower used the ISO 50001 energy management standard as the foundation for change. Commenting on this decision, its sustainability manager Jonathan Hulbert told edie that the standard had proved invaluable for creating and "leverag[ing] everything to the very best standards we can implement."
"Whether it's exceeding targets or driving innovations, or how we get the most bang for our buck, ISO 50001 has introduced a holistic approach to everything we do for best management standards," he added. "It gave us a framework to plan, focus and implement everything."
This holistic approach is something that both employees and board members have got on board with, implementing energy management best practices across the company.
ISO 50001 provides a framework for identifying, implementing and improving energy management systems within facilities. By following this framework, npower has managed to meet and exceed energy reduction targets; it had previously set a 50% carbon reduction target between 2008 and 2015, but surpassed this last year by reducing its carbon intensity by an impressive 56%.
With those figures in place, the company has now set another ambitious carbon reduction target of 25% by 2020, against last year's baseline.
But just as importantly as these targets, says Hulbert, is the continuing behavioural changes among the npower workforce. By combining the ISO framework with an upgraded data management system, employees have been forced to "interact with energy efficiency" more than ever.
"The greater control you have on data, the greater control you have on management," he explained, later adding that "a big part of data management is about using it to engage and communicate with our staff and it allowed us to galvanise everyone on what we're trying to achieve."
Aside from ISO 50001, one of the most notable ways that npower has triggered this behavioural change is through its Environmental, Action, Sustainability and You (EASY) campaign, which highlights to staff the small changes they can make to their everyday activities to reduce energy consumption.
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