AVR Energy Management Software Editions Overview

AVR has a modular structure to serve the end-user’s needs efficiently. Each edition acts like a base for the whole structure and can be extended by other modules and plug-ins easily.

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Features of AVR v4.0 Entrance Package

The Entrance Package was created to supply end-users and System Integrators a pilot-like package solution, fit for 10 devices for the purpose of closer evaluation. This is a low-cost low-risk opportunity to get to know the software in working condition.

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Features of AVR v4.0 Lite Edition

The Lite Edition can supply local systems and is also an ideal component of pilot projects. This edition is the right solution to serve the basic needs of an Energy Management System and can create simple reports. Also it is a must have tool in supporting the Energy Manager completing related tasks efficently and quickly.

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Features of AVR v4.0 Basic Edition

Having equipped with the most required solutions, AVR Basic is one of the most popular editions and can be used comfortably for local sites. This edition has increased connectivity (OPC Connection), improved reporting facilities and provides more options for customisation.

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Features of AVR v4.0 Intermediate Edition

The Intermediate edition is recommended for end-users, who also wish to connect to external data sources, advanced virtual meters and optionally redundant OPC Servers.

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Features of AVR v4.0 Advanced Edition

AVR Advanced integrates powerful qualities for those clients, who wish to use the latest cutting edge tool to its best abilities, a fine example of a solution supporting the requirements of “Integrated Industry”. This edition can also connect to unlimited external data sources and serve multi-site applications “Global Energy Management Solution”.

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AVR v4.0 Mobile Clients

The AVR Mobile Client has been developed to aid the work of the technical staff by providing real-time information about their measurement points and data concentrators, visualizing them on a unified tablet interface.

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AVR Windows Phone & IPhone Mobile Client (Remote Meter Reading)

With the support of this application the measurement data (identifying meters manually or by QR code) can be entered and sent via email (attachment in CSV file format) easily into the AVR server application.

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AVR Azure Cloud

By the deployment of Microsoft Azure infrastructure we can offer a pre-installed energy management software solution, taking the frustration out of the process and cutting down on system engineering time. This collaboration also enables us to provide a low-risk investment, based on the calculable payment terms.

AVR Azure Energy Management Software is an ideal choice to support the energy efficiency strategy of both Smart City and Smart Factory applications.

Our highly experienced TechTeam offers additional „kick-start packages”, remote engineering services and trainings according to your needs.

To find out about the available AVR Azure Energy Management Software packages and features, get in touch with us.






About Us

Who We Are


In 2003 few long-time colleagues and friends got together to create their industrial automation firm. They had worked at great places, but they wanted to build a place of their own- a company where high level of practical field expertise merged with innovation and technology. 


Energy Happens


Around 2006 we registered a dynamically growing demand for energy management applications, mostly from production plants and building complexes. This recognition led us to interpret our highly valuable practical field knowledge (hardware, software, system integration) and appoint several specialists to develop our very own energy management software. We named it AVReporter. Many times partners have guessed what the AV stands for… "Is it Ampere and Voltage?" No, it stands for Added Value, which we aim to provide our customers and partners with.

Since the beginning we’ve made it our mission to do great work, build long-lasting relationships and enjoy the interaction every step of the way. Today, AVReporter is an internationally recognised energy management software, employing some of the brightest talent in the industry and producing flawless experiences for some of the biggest brands around.


Our approach


We apply strategic thinking, practical insight and market research to the continuous development process. Our approach is collaborative, responsive and knowledgeable, with the goal of delivering success from the system integration, end-user experience and business perspectives.


What makes us different


Apart from AVReporter being one of the most competitive energy management software on the market, we also offer additional services to help the project work, like project consultation, dedicated fast response TechTeam Support and Remote Engineer service, as well.

And we can do this because unlike most software developer companies we’ve gained a firm experience in integrating energy management systems, including the process of planning, auditing, proposal making, topology creation, hardware selection, delivering and aftercare. So we know the ins and outs of the job! System Integrators wish to work with easy to implement systems that still have the complexity to serve their client’s needs at an affordable price. End-users wish to receive a flawless solution they can use as a powerful tool to complete their everyday tasks. We understand. We care. We collaborate. We do great work. And we do it with a smile, because we enjoy the challenges and we’re simply excited to do what we do.



Accreditation achievement
for AVRepoter v4.0

KONsys is proud to announce to have the following software testing standard certificate awarded by the deployment of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board's process.

AVRv4.0 cert

This is to confirm the certification of AVReporter 4.0 Energy Management Software - developed by KONsys International, HQ Hungary/Győr - has been tested by TPMC Test and Project Management Ltd. Hungary, Budapest deploying the ISTQB - International Software Testing Qualifications Board - software testing standard.

During the process the following standards were taken into consideration:
• SQAP - Software Quality Assurance Plan IEEE 730
• SCMP - Software Configuration Management Plan IEEE 828
• STD - Software Test Documentation IEEE 829
• SRS - Software Requirements Specification IEEE 830
• SVVP - Software Validation & Verification Plan IEEE 1012
• SDD - Software Design Description - IEEE 1016
• SPMP - Software Project Management Plan - IEEE 1058

KONsys is committed
to IMP³rove

IMP³rove has been initiated in 2006 by the European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry for developing and testing better tools in Innovation Management support. In order to render the consulting services with a consistent quality across Europe, the Global Coordination Team developed trainings on the IMP³rove Approach that were the starting point for the IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy.

Since 2007 IMP³rove is disseminated beyond Europe. Latin America, Australia, Middle East countries and Canada have already adopted the IMP³rove Approach.

 In 2008 IMP³rove received the “Best Innovation Tool” Award from the European Commission. KONsys has entered into the IMP³rove program and completed the assessment stage successfully.




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