Energy Efficient Production Driving America's Automotive Industry

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The U.S Department of Energy says the automotive industry is back – thanks in no small part to a drive in energy-efficient production, which it says bodes well for the future of the sector (read more in a case study based article on energy efficient car production here).

Since 2009, the Energy Department has issued more than $8 billion in loans to companies through the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) programme, according to a statement on the Breaking Energy website.

It singled out its $5.9 billion loan to Ford Motor Company, which has been used to upgrade 13 factories in six states to improve the fuel efficiency of popular models.

President Barack Obama recently said such upgrades to factories were very much needed, otherwise the industry ran the risk of collapsing in on itself.

"We said to the auto industry, you've got to change with the times," he said during a visit to a Detroit factory last week. "Plants retooled. Plants restructured. Labour and management worked together, settled their differences. Everybody put some skin in the game."

The president added that as a result of the shift to more modern, efficient production models, some of the world's most high-tech, fuel-efficient and well-designed cars are once again being designed, engineered and forged in America.

The Energy Department stated that its investments have resulted in the production of more than four million advanced, fuel-efficient vehicles, supporting the creation of approximately 35,000 direct jobs and saving more than 900 million gallons of gasoline.

It pointed out that it's not just ensuring the short-term future of the industry, however; it's also supporting manufacturers who want energy-efficient vehicles to be a world-leading American-made product.

As such, the facilities supported by the Department of Energy are already producing some of the world's most popular and fuel-efficient models, it said.

Energy management in the automotive industry



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