Technical Specifications

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Below are some of the specific key elements of AVReporter:


AVReporter Energy Management Solution

  • The desktop and web interface are intuitive and user-friendly, they have been designed for the needs of the engineer and the manager, as well. Everyday users will require minimal training
  • AVReporter provides hardware independent solution allowing any make’s, brand’s component to connect within the system (ABB, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Janitza, Carlo Gavazzi, Entes etc.)
  • AVReporter can be networked with data concentrator devices directly (read data from On-board Memory of field devices), commercial metering systems using serial, Ethernet, or wireless devices, as well as, with databases in commercial HVAC control systems, SCADA systems, DCS systems, ERP systems, OPC Servers, etc.
  • There is no need for specific additional software environment; the installation is quick and simple.
  • The high performance modular structure designed to be scalable taking advantage of the latest windows operating system and CPU technologies
  • AVReporter is based on 64-bit platform environment (Benefits: Increased Scalability, Increased Performance, Reduced query times, More effective use of memory, Better number crunching)
  • The AVReporter database is now optimised to fit „big data” projects perfectly
  • Because of the modular structure the system integrator can pick and choose the correct and most cost effective solutions.
  • Equipped with a comprehensive suite of energy management reporting tools, at the same time it remains open to utilize custom add-on modules, can be downloaded and added at any time
  • Accessible on mobile applications e.g.: tablet PC, Smart phones (Supporting HTML5 responsive dashboards- Android, IPhone and Windows Phone).
  • System building is fast due to the template real-time screens, dashboards and reports, no need for special IT/ programming knowledge.
  • If control function is required on the real-time screen, it will be accessible over web and mobile surface, as well.
  • Alarming and Monitoring - Sophisticated alarm systems are guarding efficiency, prevention programmes and security.
  • The control can be kept with the end-user as the system is completely open and can be operated by staff easily; the openness allows system integrator to fulfil individual requirements.
  • Provides a flexible reporting facility for all the utilities in one platform (electric energy, gas, vapour, water, sewage, etc.)
  • It is easy to integrate into existing corporate system(s) because of the flexible connectivity, also supporting a one surface display to make processes transparent and more convenient to follow.
  • Fits in the custom billing and cost allocation module summaries for multi-tenanted facilities or multi-departmental operations, complete with the option to export key financial data to existing invoicing or ERP systems
  • Reporting energy use by product, production unit or some other unit of service, as required for tracking the Key Performance Indicators for any business (kWh/HDD, kWh/ton, kWh/unit, kWh, shift, etc)
  • Supports local requirements, such as language, currency, date format, corporate formatting standards, custom reports or dashboards, custom calculation methods
  • Powerful query engine for custom calculations at real-time or using pre-calculated source data. Results can be stored in the database for report execution. This same tool can be used to create forecasts from historical data.
  • Broad range of report and dashboard applications such as KPI reports, Energy Ratings using ABC charting, Energy Use Allocation, Energy by Threshold Limits, Optimization of energy bookings, ISO50001 reports and dashboards, Energy Consumption Forecasting, reports of Green House Gases, CO2 emission calculations, Examination of quality features, Statements of efficiency, application management of renewable energy sources, etc.
  • Comprehensive Multi-User and Security Access Level Management, whereby each user has a login name and password, providing access to specific menus and features. Users can be limited to individual buildings, departments or organizational levels. (Windows IIS user-management or integration into the user’s Active Directory)
  • AVReporter can be installed using a Server-Client solution and/or a web based solution; this combination is used to meet the specific requirements accessing individual sites for International or Multi-site applications.
  • The System Integrators can complete modifications in their own office once the system is up and running, because of the backup/restore functionality, then they can update the system on site.
  • The system building can be team work, more PCs can work on the same project at the same time saving time, ensuring reaching tight deadlines or just simply utilise workforce better.
  • The editing functionalities can be accessed web and desktop environment, too.
  • The system supports the simulating work mode; by this, system building and testing without devices is possible.



  • VEOLIA- Energy Management Solution for utilitiesVeolia is one of the market leader companies in Hungary in the energy, water and waste management industry. The group company employs approximately 2,500 people who provide professional services to various towns, institutions and industrial companies enabling them to efficient manage resources, while the water utility and district heating branches of the company supply drinking water to hundreds of thousands of families, and heat to tens of thousands of households. With its more than 20-year professional experience Veolia is a determining participant of the Hungarian energy market. The energy branch of the company group provides energy to various institutions of 50 local municipalities, 85 state-owned and public buildings, 30 health institutions and 31 industrial plants, while its district heating networks supply 67,000 residential and institutional customers nationwide. In the three power plants of the company operate high-efficiency natural gas blocks and blocks utilizing renewable energy (biomass).
  • Meet us at the Utility Week in BarcelonaThe European Utility Week aims to be a serious information platform connecting the smart utility community, focusing on regional and global developments in Grid Optimisation, Renewables, Energy Storage, Smart Metering, Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Energy Services & Efficiency, Intelligent Buildings, Data Management, Analytics and IoT, Cyber Security, Smart Gas and Smart Water.  The event serves as an annual meeting point for the community and will be attended by 12.000 international visitors, 450 speakers and 600 exhibitors. 
  • Remote Desktop ServiceAs part of our sales support options, remote desktop service is high on demand.
  • AVReporter Windows Phone & IPhone Mobile Client (Remote Meter Reading)With the support of this application the measurement data (identifying meters manually or by QR code) can be entered and sent via email (attachment in CSV file format) easily into the AVReporter server application.  
  • Technical SpecificationsBelow are some of the specific key elements of AVReporter: