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Achieving Operational Security by Deploying Energy Management Systems 

Energy-efficient production is the key to a sustained increase in competitiveness in industrial operations and for compliance with legal requirements. The issue of energy efficient consumption, the measurement of the consumption, the management of the consumers are pressing for both the developing and developed countries.

Several countries have implemented an energy strategy and policies to guard and encourage their consumption reduction schema by emphasizing the importance of measurement based energy management, energy monitoring systems.  The facility managers of industrial units and building complexes can achieve a lot more economical and secure operation and manageable outgoings by the optimisation of energy consumption and smart control systems.

The following steps are also serving the process of the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard:

  • Measuring System: the installation of the correctly selected field devices (electricity, gas, water etc.)
  • Analytics of the measurement data: the continuous evaluation of the data collected by the energy management system (KPI reports, quality indicators, consumer habits… etc.)
  • Creating an effective action plan: the focus is on continuous energy efficiency and the sustainability of quality energy supply.


This article will highlight some highly critical operational problems occurring at a client’s premises, using AVReporter Energy Management System.

When it comes to energy management systems for banks the most crucial issue is the security of the energy supply, the following is energy efficiency.

In the following case study our senior engineers will present planning these types of energy management systems and also identifying the type of devices should be used. As a next step you can see the analytics of a real system. 


The system below is located in the datacentre of a bank with the server computers. This is also the hub where they are running the bank transactions. In case of a power cut the cash machines stop operation for over an hour.

Analytics of the measured data: after uploading the ms measurements data from the field devices’ on board memory we completed the data analysis based on the followings.

Measurement principles:

  • The device has on-board memory (logging, disturbance recording)
  • Fast speed data input (100 ms), logging per sec.
  • Waveform capture, set disturbance recording to events or threshold values
  • EN50160 Compliance Report
  • In the supervisory system the data logging frequency is set to one minute as well as the  uploading of the on-board memory


The CM4000 measurement device recorded a short circuit of 15ms. Based on the devices used in the network, we suspected the cause to be the failure of either a UPS switch or a condenser. 

This particular event was caused by the breakdown of the power supply in the server computer, causing power cut. Following this event the UPS broke down causing full stop of the servers (also the AVReporter ones) and supervisory computers too.

These events highlight many deficiencies. With regards to the measuring system it would’ve been advised to apply ms waveform capture devices to all input measurement points, as the current PM850 devices do not support so detailed measurements. Hence currently it is difficult to identify the exact location of the problem.  

Providing a separate Uninterruptable Power Supply for the supervisory system could be a solution in order to avoid the events above or deploying a solution that would help avoiding these situations in the near future.

Also, the Uninterruptable Power Supply of the servers should be reviewed in order to prevent the similar malfunctions in the near future.

Energy and production management- Continuous improvement in order to achieve efficiency in both fields

  • Implementing the measurement and integrated data collection system:  installation of the measurement collecting system (electricity, gas, water etc.) and integrating the production and SAP data
  • Data Analytics:  the continuous evaluation of collected data (efficiency, production data, cost allocation and billing, consumption behaviour etc.)
  • Creating an effective action plan: the focus is on continuous energy and production efficiency

Continuous supervising and tracking:

  • Gain continuous information by the aid of the integrated energy and production supervisory system:
    • Energy consumption by cost allocation
    • Energy consumption by product or production line/ unit  
    • Allow production supervisory monitoring and analytics performance (wastage information etc.)
    • Utilisation of production capacity
    • Forecasting the due time of maintenance activities
    • Available and utilised energy supplies and capacity 
    • Avoid unscheduled breaks: the interruption of the production process  can be avoided by the forecast of maintenance duties
    • Utilising the production lines to the max: by the optimum settings of the  parameters
    • Increasing efficiency of the units
    • The accurate costs of running by machine conditions
    • Optimisation of performance settings

EMS Topology



  • VEOLIA- Energy Management Solution for utilitiesVeolia is one of the market leader companies in Hungary in the energy, water and waste management industry. The group company employs approximately 2,500 people who provide professional services to various towns, institutions and industrial companies enabling them to efficient manage resources, while the water utility and district heating branches of the company supply drinking water to hundreds of thousands of families, and heat to tens of thousands of households. With its more than 20-year professional experience Veolia is a determining participant of the Hungarian energy market. The energy branch of the company group provides energy to various institutions of 50 local municipalities, 85 state-owned and public buildings, 30 health institutions and 31 industrial plants, while its district heating networks supply 67,000 residential and institutional customers nationwide. In the three power plants of the company operate high-efficiency natural gas blocks and blocks utilizing renewable energy (biomass).
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  • Remote Desktop ServiceAs part of our sales support options, remote desktop service is high on demand.
  • AVReporter Windows Phone & IPhone Mobile Client (Remote Meter Reading)With the support of this application the measurement data (identifying meters manually or by QR code) can be entered and sent via email (attachment in CSV file format) easily into the AVReporter server application.  
  • Technical SpecificationsBelow are some of the specific key elements of AVReporter: