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AVReporter can provide basic template solution too for those, who wish to monitor only basic consumption or submit these required values to governments or just need to record these regularly for compliance.

However for those users, who wish to truly improve their energy efficiency, energy quality and security or aim for standards like ISO 50001, NABERS, LEED or BREAM will need a more comprehensive tool. AVReporter is a modular energy management software with numerous versions and add-ons. This is to allow users to pay only for what they wish to use and get a suitable fit for their needs.

Apart from accessing the wide template library for quick report building there is an advanced option to build fully customised reports (like how many trees you need to grow in order of offsetting your CO2... etc.) with no programming due to the pre-created structures you can apply your requirements onto.

AVR fully supports users to create just the right view and summary of their data easily in web and desktop enviroment by wizard. Thanks to the simple user interface, preparing a report does not require any particular professional knowledge.

Provides reporting for all utilities in one platform electric energy, gas, vapour, water, sewage

Key features:

  • Provides reporting for all utilities in one platform (electric energy, gas, vapour, water, sewage, etc.).
  • Reporting energy use by product, production unit, or some other unit of service, as required for tracking the key performance indicators for any business (kWh/HDD, kWh/ton, kWh/unit, kWh, shift, etc).
  • Broad range of report and dashboard applications such as KPI reports, Energy Ratings using ABC charting, Energy Use Allocation, Energy by Threshold Limits, TOU Chart, Optimization of energy bookings, Energy Consumption Forecasting, Green House Gases reports, CO2 emission calculations, ISO 50001 Energy Reports, Examination of quality features, Statements of efficiency of the application of renewable energy sources, etc.
  • WEBPublisher Dynamic Dashboard with Microsoft’s Silverlight technology enables the user to make presentable reports quickly and easily. Additionally, the Gadget Bar ensures handy tractability for the user.
  • HTML5 responsive reports and dashboards in mobile and tablet environments (Windows Phone, IOS, Android, etc.)

 Rich and customized content, support for complex data and graphics, scheduled distribution



  • VEOLIA- Energy Management Solution for utilitiesVeolia is one of the market leader companies in Hungary in the energy, water and waste management industry. The group company employs approximately 2,500 people who provide professional services to various towns, institutions and industrial companies enabling them to efficient manage resources, while the water utility and district heating branches of the company supply drinking water to hundreds of thousands of families, and heat to tens of thousands of households. With its more than 20-year professional experience Veolia is a determining participant of the Hungarian energy market. The energy branch of the company group provides energy to various institutions of 50 local municipalities, 85 state-owned and public buildings, 30 health institutions and 31 industrial plants, while its district heating networks supply 67,000 residential and institutional customers nationwide. In the three power plants of the company operate high-efficiency natural gas blocks and blocks utilizing renewable energy (biomass).
  • Meet us at the Utility Week in BarcelonaThe European Utility Week aims to be a serious information platform connecting the smart utility community, focusing on regional and global developments in Grid Optimisation, Renewables, Energy Storage, Smart Metering, Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Energy Services & Efficiency, Intelligent Buildings, Data Management, Analytics and IoT, Cyber Security, Smart Gas and Smart Water.  The event serves as an annual meeting point for the community and will be attended by 12.000 international visitors, 450 speakers and 600 exhibitors. 
  • Remote Desktop ServiceAs part of our sales support options, remote desktop service is high on demand.
  • AVReporter Windows Phone & IPhone Mobile Client (Remote Meter Reading)With the support of this application the measurement data (identifying meters manually or by QR code) can be entered and sent via email (attachment in CSV file format) easily into the AVReporter server application.  
  • Technical SpecificationsBelow are some of the specific key elements of AVReporter: