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  • The power-factor of using AVReporter for ISO 50001"When an organization implements this standard, it improves its energy performance, and that is a direct contribution to its bottom line." Energy management is now in the global spotlight, due to the pressing need to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Energy-saving technologies and facilities are nly part of the methodologies for improving energy efficiency. A more sensible and systematic approach to improve an enterprise’s energy performance sustainably is to establish and implement a standardized, process-based energy management structure. Published on 15 June 2011, the ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS) standard is a globally accepted framework for managing energy, providing technical and management strategies for enterprises to increase energy efficiency, reduce costs, and improve environmental performance. ISO 50001 can be used for certification and will affect up to 60% of the world’s energy use
  • Preventing, managing critical events Achieving Operational Security by Deploying Energy Management Systems  Energy-efficient production is the key to a sustained increase in competitiveness in industrial operations and for compliance with legal requirements. The issue of energy efficient consumption, the measurement of the consumption, the management of the consumers are pressing for both the developing and developed countries. Several countries have implemented an energy strategy and policies to guard and encourage their consumption reduction schema by emphasizing the importance of measurement based energy management, energy monitoring systems.  The facility managers of industrial units and building complexes can achieve a lot more economical and secure operation and manageable outgoings by the optimisation of energy consumption and smart control systems.
  • TESCO deploys AVReporter Energy Management SoftwareTesco, the famous grocery store and supermarket chain entered to the Hungarian market in 1995, making a first step into the Central Europe region when acquiring 26 S-Market stores. Today, Tesco is operating over 200 stores across the country, contributing directly over 1 percent of GDP to the country’s economy and at the same time they are the third largest employer in Hungary. Tesco’s efforts in Hungary have been successful and their suppliers export more than £100 million worth of products from the country to the UK.   
  • Practical Experience- Energy Management in the Automotive IndustryMost of our end-users are coming from the Automotive Industry, where energy management is vital for reducing high energy costs. As this is a global industry with fierce competition, production plants and suppliers need to set a common goal and build the infrastructure to know how, when, and where all forms of energy are being used in their facilities. Only after establishing this information can the energy be optimised and the cost reduced by shrinking exposure to fluctuating energy prices and tracking energy costs per unit of production.
  • Case Study on Ytong building material Manufacturer XellaXella International GmbH is a corporate group with head office located in Germany. Their main profile is manufacturing and marketing building materials, gypsum fibreboard and cement-bonded dry lining panels together with lime and limestone. The following case study was completed for one of Xella’s Eastern European centers. The aim was to provide a hands-on energy management system solution for the production of Ytong building material.